The charging station for your home

Are you looking for a charging station , base or stand or also a stele for your wall box at home? Should you last a lifetime?

We have made it our task to develop high-quality and functional charging stations . In contrast to many others, our charging stations have a practical roof, a high-quality powder coating and are available in stainless steel .

It will last a lifetime and is 100% corrosion resistant (rust free).

mounting accessories

Our mounting accessories , which were specially developed for our charging stations, are a perfect fit and offer maximum support.

  • Our charging stations are made in Germany.

    High-quality materials , perfect workmanship and the highest quality
    can only be guaranteed if you do everything yourself
    hands. We produce and purchase our charging stations ourselves
    they don't like most foreign competitors.

Why our charging station is just right for you.


Advantages of the charging station

Here is an excerpt of why customers choose us:

1 | Insulated façade: Many houses now have insulation to meet energy requirements. It is essential to avoid installing a wall box here!
2 | Light wall colour: Many customers do not want to attach their wall box to a light-colored wall. Due to the weather, the cable of the wall box is always a bit dirty, which would then soil the house facade in the long term.
3 | Fixed attachment: The base for your wall box is screwed firmly to the floor and is then rock-solid in your selected location.
4 | Free installation: Even if you don't have a suitable wall to attach your wall box within reach of your parking space, you can still charge your e-car thanks to the charging station.
5 | Optical highlight : A charging station always looks beautiful, especially ours ;-). It just rounds everything off perfectly.

100% stainless steel, lifelong joy

The high-quality materials we use guarantee a long service life! Whether powder-coated steel or powder-coated stainless steel.

Tailor-made production from Germany

We are the sole manufacturer of the charging stations, which has the advantage that we have a direct influence on the quality and availability. In addition, it is possible for us to make the price FAIR compared to the competitors because there are no intermediaries "earning money".

Perfect protection against rain, hail and snow

It doesn't matter whether it's raining, snowing or hail, the roof of our charging station protects your Wallbax considerably against the external conditions.

Free, fast shipping within Germany

We ship all of our charging stations as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. 93.5% of the time the delivery is made the next day.

  • Metal processing in perfection

    Our metal technicians first cut and drill the raw parts to weld them after completion. All seams are then polished and the columns are powder coated.

  • The powder coating

    To round off the look and design of our charging stations, both our steel and stainless steel columns are powder-coated in anthracite (standard RAL).

  • The original

    Only the original from us has a stainless steel sign with the inscription DIE-LADESÄULE.DE. This is riveted to the front of the foot.

  • Benjamin

    The man who handles numbers like Uri Geller handles spoons! He can do everything, our chief controller.

  • noel

    Is responsible for marketing and also takes care of your concerns. If you have any questions, she will take care of the answer.

  • John

    Contact person for everything and also one of the managing directors. Idea giver and creative soul.