Customer pictures / photos

Here you can find some photos of our charging stations which were sent to us by customers.

20 charging points on parking lot

Here, 5 of our Quattro (quadruple) charging columns were installed especially for Easee wallboxes. In total, 20 charging points of 22kw each have been created here.

Charging columns in employee parking lot

Single charging columns suitable for Easee wallboxes in an employee parking lot of a multi-party building.

Charging station for go-E Charger

Our charging post specially designed to fit go-e Charger in conjunction with our prefabricated foundation.

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Charging station for KEBA P30 and Gardena hose holder + tap

Charging pole for SolarEdge Wallbox

Our charging pole especially suitable for the SolarEdge and Keba wallboxes.

Button label

Charging station for Fronius Wattpilot

Our charging pole with cable holder especially suitable for the Fronius Wattpilot Wallbox.

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Double charging columns

Here you can see our double (DUO) charging stations with 2 charging points each.

Double charging columns for Easee Wallboxx

Parking lot of a supermarket equipped with a total of 20 charging stations.

Double charging station for Easee Wallbox

The DUO charging station for Easee, here the wallboxes are placed back to back.

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Double charging station for Voitas Wallbox

Developed together with the customer, a double column specially designed for the Voitas Wallbox. This column is characterized by a roll-up system, so there are never any annoying cables in the way!

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