The reev Payment Terminal

With the reev payment terminal, you can optimize your public charging infrastructure through simple, direct card payments at the terminal – without any additional contracts. An added value that is seamlessly integrated into existing systems and easily scalable.

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reev Payment Terminal - payment terminal including 24 months reev Payment Terminal fee

reev Payment Terminal - payment terminal including 24 months reev Payment Terminal fee

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Data sheet stand

Data sheet Terminal Payter Apollo

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reev Payment Terminal - Payment terminal including 24 months reev Payment Terminal fee

Short product description

  • Including 1x Reev Terminal License (24 months)
  • Including 1x SIM card
  • Includes IP box with built-in 12V switching power supply (Phoenix Contact) already pre-wired.
  • High-quality stainless steel stand for stable and aesthetic placement of the payment terminal.
  • Includes a powerful Payter payment terminal for smooth transactions with various payment methods.
  • Including connection box for supply line. (Accessible via inspection flap)
  • Intuitive user interface of the terminal for easy operation and quick processing of payments.
  • The reev license, which can be purchased separately, also enables the use of analysis tools, reporting functions and other customized solutions. Complete solution for payment processing and business management to make your business more effective and successful.
  • For the solution to function fully, a reev Pro license is required. This can be purchased separately through conventional channels.
  • Robust design and compact size make the terminal ideal for use in various industries and environments.

Detailed product description

Elegance and functionality come together in our payment terminal with a stainless steel base. This first-class terminal not only offers a robust and attractive design, but also the powerful combination of a Payter payment terminal and uncomplicated payment processing via the reev payment terminal.

The stainless steel base not only gives the payment terminal an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also remarkable stability. The construction has been carefully designed to provide durable and reliable support for the terminal.

The Payter payment terminal is known for its reliability and versatility. It enables smooth processing of payments, whether with credit cards, debit cards or contactless payment methods. The user interface is intuitively designed to ensure quick and uncomplicated operation.

The Reev license key included in the package gives you access to a variety of powerful features and services for your business. From analytics tools to customized reports, Reev gives you the tools you need to effectively manage and optimize your business. The fee for the reev Payment Terminal, which covers a period of 24 months, allows you to reap the benefits in the long term.


The charging station consists of


The charging station has a total weight of 22 kg


The charging station has the following dimensions: 1400mm x 150 x 100mm

Delivery time

If the charging station is in stock, the average delivery time via DHL is 1 working day.

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