Ready-made concrete foundation for charging column, base or stele

Charging station prefabricated foundation - quick and uncomplicated

Our ready-made foundation for charging stations , made from special frost-proof aerated concrete, is manufactured specifically for our products. Like all of our products, the prefabricated foundation is produced in Germany. This guarantees the safe and proper installation of our columns. By using it, a flat installation surface is achieved and a high level of stability is ensured via factory-installed screw anchors with the supplied hexagonal screws. In combination with a surface base, the concrete foundation can optionally be sunk into the ground or set flush with the mounting base. Overall, the concrete foundation, especially in conjunction with a surface base, provides the necessary stability and safety for your wallbox with stand. An integrated pipeline also ensures maximum protection of the supply lines.

The included anchoring set can easily be screwed into the recessed metal threaded sleeves. The underground cable for connecting the charging station is pulled through the 80mm cable bushing.

For proper installation and a secure stand of the charging station, it is necessary to surround the concrete foundation with quick-release concrete


Material: Special pore concrete
Weight: 31kg
Through hole: 80mm
Dimensions below: 230mm x 230mm x 250mm

Assembly: Screw thread is already sunk into the concrete and screws and washers are included

Our prefabricated foundation will be available from January 2023.

Click here for the finished concrete foundation