Augmented Reality allows you to virtually place the charging station in your home!

Experience our high-quality charging stations in your own space before you make a decision . With our innovative Augmented Reality (AR) function, you can virtually place and view the charging stations to ensure that they are a perfect fit for your home, parking space or desired location.

  • Select charging station and allow access

    1. Select a charging station: Click on a product of your choice to go to the product page.
    2. Click "View AR": On the product page, you will find the "View AR" button. Click it to activate the AR function.
    3. Allow access to your camera: When prompted, allow your browser to access your camera to use the AR feature
  • Place and explore charging station

    4. Place the charging station: Move your device to virtually place the charging station in your space. Change the size and position to find the perfect fit.

    5. Look at the details: Zoom in to look at the details of the charging station and make sure it meets your needs.

    6. Choose with confidence: After viewing the charging station in AR, you can buy with confidence because you know exactly how it will look in your space.