Standfuß - Wallbox freistehend - Eine Wallbox freistehend montieren mit einer Stele

Stand - Wallbox free-standing - Mount a wallbox free-standing with a stele

Stand, stele, charging column or stand holder all the same?

In short, yes, there is no clear name for it. However, the usual terms are “ stand ”, “ stele ”, “ charging column ” and “ wallbox holder ”.

A stand creates a clean and durable solution that enables a charging solution in open space parking spaces - just the thing when wall mounting is not possible! Many manufacturers now offer a stand for their wall charging stations, but 90% of them are not well thought out or the quality is not what they should be.

The manufacturer's own stands in particular are priced in the segment where we are talking about a high-quality charging station, but after more detailed research they are unfortunately located somewhere completely different in terms of material and functionality .

As a rule, you will not find the following features of a stele there:

  • The base is not made of stainless steel but of rusting steel or, colloquially, “black steel”. Damage or even scratches cause significant corrosion within a few years, which unfortunately is not at all visually attractive. Galvanized steels are also not protected from this.
  • The stand does not have a roof and is therefore exposed to the weather much more quickly. Rain combined with UV rays (sun rays) can quickly bleach the material of the wallbox; after a few years and temperatures below zero, this can lead to cracks in the material.
  • The base often does not have a cable holder , which of course not only looks messy but is also not very useful for the charging cable, especially in autumn and winter. As a general rule, you should never leave any type of power cable in the water.
  • Side cable entry is often not possible. Many competitor columns require that the supply cable be pulled directly through the base from below. If the charging column is to be installed on a foundation and you can no longer run the cable through it, you will have to drill into the column later. This is not easy to do for a layperson.

We therefore recommend that you always think about these things when looking for a suitable charging station or pedestal.

The good thing is that all of our charging stations offer these features. You don't have to do without anything. So feel free to stop by the shop ;-)

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