Ladesäule, Ladestation Standfuß für Heidelberg Wallbox

Charging column, charging station base for Heidelberg Wallbox

Are you looking for a charging station/charging column for your wallbox from Heidelberg?

- We designed this charging station specifically for this wallbox. It fits exactly and is perfectly protected.
- Extremely durable! The charging station is either made of stainless steel and made to last forever or made of galvanized steel, powder-coated in anthracite color and also very robust!
- Fixed attachment: The base for your wallbox is screwed firmly to the floor and then stands securely in your chosen location.
- Free installation: Even if you don't have a suitable wall to mount your wallbox within reach of your parking space, you can still charge your electric car thanks to the charging station without having to use many meters of cable.

Our charging station is perfect for you: your wallbox will definitely be exposed to any weather, directly or indirectly, for the next few years. Sun, hail, snow and rain in particular can take a toll on your wallbox. After just a few months without protection, the surface and materials such as screws can become affected. Of course it doesn't look nice. Our charging station has a roof and protects the wallbox significantly more.

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