We love sustainability

As a manufacturer of charging stations, sustainability is a central issue for us. We are aware of the responsibility we have to do our part in maintaining an environment worth living in. For this reason, we have decided to completely align our company with sustainability.

Resource-saving and efficient

We also rely on sustainable materials and efficient production to minimize resource consumption. We make sure that all the materials we use are durable and recyclable. We have also optimized processes in our production to minimize waste and increase energy efficiency

The sun as an energy source

An important step on this path was the expansion of our photovoltaic system to 300kwp. This means we can cover over 400% of our energy needs and are less dependent on fossil fuels. In addition, we thereby completely reduce our CO2 footprint.

Sustainability x eCommerce

An important point is the use of recycled cardboard. These help ensure that fewer resources are used and waste is avoided. We ensure that our cardboard boxes come from certified sources and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner

Electric on the street

We also focus on sustainability in the area of ​​logistics. We work closely with our suppliers to optimize transport and make it as climate-friendly as possible. We also encourage our employees to use public transport and bicycles. 100% of employees own electric cars

For all of our futures

Overall, we are very proud that we have aligned our company with sustainability. We are convinced that this not only contributes to protecting our environment, but also makes economic sense in the long term. We will continue to work to continuously improve and expand our sustainability goals in the future