Custom construction, we realize your dream product!

Discover the limitless possibilities of customization with our special construction option for charging stations , bases, payment terminals , inverter stands and much more. With us, you have the freedom to design the shape , function and design of your stands according to your wishes - for perfect integration into your environment and an outstanding end result.

With our custom-built solution you can achieve a solution that meets all your requirements in just a few steps!

Our designers, who develop solutions every day with passion, dedication and joy in the challenge, are already looking forward to your inquiry!

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  • Quadruple charging stations.

    Here you can see 5 of our Probase Quattro versions in combination with the Easee wallboxes with integrated FI and surge protection.

  • Double charging station

    A total of 15 DUO Probase columns (30 charging points) will be installed in an employee parking lot

  • Double charging stations

    Another parking lot of a company that trusts in our reliability. Here you can see the Probase DUO.

Double stand with roof for inverter SMA Sunny Tripower

In this special construction project, the customer was faced with the challenge of installing 5 oversized inverters in a free-standing position. It was important that the inverter was protected from external influences by a weatherproof roof. The double base specially designed for this inverter meets all the requirements for proper installation.

Payment Terminal Base (pay with debit & credit card)

With the help of our Payment Terminal Base, you have the option of installing any POS terminal freestanding and thus enabling debit and credit card payments. Our designers will work closely with you to develop your perfect stele in order to be optimally positioned for your e-charging infrastructure project.

You can design your products according to your wishes – be it in terms of size, design, color, dimensions or style.

Individual and completely flexible

Matching prefabricated foundations individually manufactured

With tailor-made solutions, we offer you the ideal basis for a safe and stable installation of your stands and charging stations. Our foundations are robust, durable and ensure reliable stability, whether for private or commercial use. Rely on our quality and optimize your infrastructure with our custom-built foundations!

  • Cable hook ensures order

    Regardless of the type of wallbox used, the integrated cable hook always offers a way to hang the cable neatly and cleanly.

  • Inspection flap/service flap

    The inspection flap or service flap offers you as an installation company the opportunity to quickly connect the column with wallbox to the network. This saves time!

  • Waterproof housing for electrical systems (IP54)

    Via the optional waterproof housing or connection box. You can do custom wiring. The box is IP54 protected and offers space for surge protection, FI and LS switches.

  • Distribution system with surge protection (optional)

    Indispensable if multiple charging points are installed. Saves a lot of time when wiring the columns. The optionally available surge protection in the column is also practical.

  • Expansion set for up to 4 wallboxes

    Extremely flexible in the number of charging points. Regardless of whether it is a single parking space or a large parking lot. Thanks to the modular design, up to 4 wallboxes can be mounted per column. (additional kit required)

  • Concrete base 45° adjustable. Offers maximum flexibility

    Especially if several wallboxes are installed, it may be necessary to rotate the column afterwards (e.g. with 3 wallboxes). The 45° rotating concrete base is used here.

  • Additional side cable entry

    Especially if the on-site conditions do not allow you to run supply lines or data cables through the foundation into the column, you now have the option of introducing the lines above ground.

  • Protective conductor connection (PE grounding)

    This column of course includes an integrated grounding option. You can use the grounding screw to connect the column directly to the house earth (PE).

  • Matching ready-made foundation for quick assembly (optional)

    This optional precast concrete foundation allows you to set up the column even faster. The foundation weighs 31 kilograms.

  • Matching mounting base (optional)

    The precisely fitting stainless steel mounting base offers you the opportunity, in combination with 1-2 bags of cement, to create a solid foundation that fixes and holds the column extremely firmly.

  • Weather protection roof (optional)

    This feature is very popular because it gives the wallboxes additional protection against rain, hail, snow, etc.

  • We are the manufacturer of the charging stations

    All columns are manufactured by us through our partners in Germany. We pay attention to very short delivery routes in order to keep the supply chains as short as possible. All of our partners have been working with us for many years.

  • Own branding / logo / color (optional)

    All of our columns can also be individually adapted to your requirements. If you need a quantity (>10), individual branding is also possible.

  • 100% stainless steel and powder coated

    This column made of 100% stainless steel. A powder coating