Discover our charging stations near you with augmented reality!

The team at DIE-LADESÄULE.DE is excited to announce that you can now experience our charging columns and products in augmented reality directly from your iPhone or iPad, without having to install an additional app!

From now on you will find a new button on every product page: "Place in my space". With just one click you can visualize the desired product in your own environment and see how it fits perfectly into your home or office.

This new feature allows you to realistically and to scale our products in your space, so you can get an accurate picture of what they will look like and how they will fit into your decor.

Using our Augmented Reality feature is extremely easy. Simply visit our website on your iPhone or iPad, select the product you want and click the " Place in my space " button. Within a few seconds you will be able to see the product in your environment and view it from different angles.

We are convinced that this innovative technology will revolutionize your shopping experience by giving you an even more realistic idea of ​​how our products will look in your home.

Visit our website today and experience our products in augmented reality - without having to install an additional app!

We look forward to seeing how you bring our products to life in your own space!